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Find below effective gate repair tips that you can use to fix all types of faulty gates.

Protect your children from the steel gate

There is a very good reason why sliding gate safety sensors are vital to be maintained frequently. They will make sure the gate will stop moving if your children or anyone for that matter are in their way. Children can be easily hurt if they put their feet or fingers in the way of the moving door whether it is opening or closing.

Invest in high tech gate openers

The quality of residential gate openers will make a tremendous difference to the power with which the gate will open and close but most of all it will ensure better protection. Modern openers have safety features but they will also be activated by advanced models of gate remote controls, which might also have timers. Hence, the gate will close itself and security will be guaranteed.

How often gates do need maintenance?

The frequency of gate maintenance depends on the age and condition of the whole system. In any case, it is important to run automatic gate troubleshooting procedure at least two or three times a year. After all, the mechanism is constantly exposed to the local weather conditions of Arcadia, so the least you can do to ensure its good condition and operation, is to check out the components. Of course, gate repair is necessary the minute you notice any damaged parts.

Have back-up power supply

The biggest problem with having an electric gate opener is when the power suddenly dies and wouldn’t come back for a while. Some electric gates wouldn’t move manually in such situations. To avoid this, it is good to have a back-up power supply, as recommended by our experts. It might be an additional cost, but it’s worth the investment.

Gate Repair Arcadia

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