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Our contractors have expertise in gate intercom systems and can guarantee excellent installation, immediate programming and fast repair services. As a modern gate repair company we acknowledge the importance of such high technological systems for the reinforced security of properties and the great convenience of people. In fact, “Gate Repair Arcadia” has the pleasure to employ specialized technicians and promises exceptional services.Intercom System

We offer intercom systems and intercom repair

Intercom systems have become a necessity to those owning a gate. What's more convenient than buzzing your friends in instead of walking all through the driveway to open the gate for them? The best thing about these systems is that they can be connected to your phone and you can have verbal and visual communication with the people at the gate. You can let them walk or drive in and alternatively you can deny their access. This creates more secure environments and we are happy to contribute to that with our knowledge and expertise.

Being properly trained for intercom installation is just the basics. We certainly have the right expertise to install and provide intercom service regardless if you own complex or plain systems. There are variations in regard to the capacity of each Aiphone, Linear or Doorking intercom and not just due to the differences among brands. Some intercoms will be best for large facilities and buildings and some will be perfect for smaller houses and businesses. Some will provide only verbal communication and some both verbal and visual.

The personnel at Gate Repair Arcadia have the knowledge to assist you properly. Working with the crème de la crème of the manufacturers we have the capacity to provide you with the right Intercom System for your company or residence. At the same time, we have the experience to program Doorking intercom systems, repair all brands and offer same day services at the convenience of our clients. We are fast in emergencies and promise outstanding service and high professionalism! Contact us if you are in need of an Intercom System today!

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