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Find experts’ answers for frequently asked questions on gate repairs and door maintenance

Learn more about solar powered gate openers before you decide to install them and find out what to do when the gate remains open and the wood panels rot.

How reliable are solar powered gates?

There is a new technology now that powers gates. This is with the use of solar power. Experts at Gate Repair Arcadia recommend solar powered applications. This is a reliable system when connected to an existing power grid and installed properly. Solar powered gates are also reliable in places where there is no grid power. This system should only be designed and installed well considering size of gate and frequency of use.

Why do people prefer automated gates?

Gates are installed not only for security and safety reasons but also for convenience. Automated gates make it convenient for users to operate remotely these gates. Users do not have to walk all the way to the gate, get out of their cars or homes or workplace just to open or close gates. For practical reasons too, people prefer automated gates so as not to obstruct traffic while trying to get inside the premises.

Why does my gate remain open?

If the gate refuses to shut then it could be due to a low battery in the key fob or a faulty plug-in radio receiver. Also check the photo cells as they may not be in line with one another, or there could be some obstruction that causes the beam to break.

Why do wood gates rot?

Since it is a natural material, wood is sensitive to elements. Gates are exposed to the weather conditions at all times and Gate Repair Arcadia would suggest special varnishes and regular maintenance service to avoid problems. Wood absorbs moisture and eventually warps and rots if untreated.

Should I get one or two leaf swing gates?

Swing gates open outwards or inwards. According to the experience of our specialists, it's best to get two leaf gates to avoid occupying too much space. One leaf gates will require more space, will be heavier and the swing gate hinges will wear sooner.

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